Tell the story of your business

Southeast Media Works, located near Atlanta, Georgia, creates videos that allows businesses to tell their story.  It’s not a commercial.  It’s not an ad. It’s a story…your story.  In our 2-3 minute business video, viewers will understand your business, who you are, and your passion for doing what you do.  Our videos are optimized for use online and social media or can be used for specific purposes like contest entries and Kickstarter campaigns.   Every video is different because every story is different.


You Need a Business Video – This is Why!


  • 21% of video viewers make a purchase.
  • 26% visit the store.
  • 21% request more information.

A professional-quality video is an important tool that you can use to highlight your company’s products and services. Research shows that a quality-produced video converts viewers into shoppers much more effectively than any other form of online content. The results are positive outgrowth.


60% of online audiences watch videos — But only 3% of sites offer video content.

Video is becoming more and more common online and in social media, but most businesses do not use this.  You can get a jump on your competition by creating professionally produced video. Instead of boring your online visitors and forcing them to read through pages and pages of text and images, let us streamline your products and services into a video format that will visually engage your customers and let you stand out from the rest!


Social Media & Search

  • Facebook prioritizes video higher than all other types of content it displays in your newsfeed.
  •  A well-optimized video is also 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

More and more, the search engines are cataloging videos into their search results.   As more customers find you online, your video will help your business to grow.  


Every successful business owner understands the importance of relationships. Allowing potential customers to know, like and trust you is one of the cornerstones of your future success. A professionally produced video truly humanizes your business and enables viewers a more refined sense of who you are, and the passion you have.  This shows the viewers why they should invest in you and your product. When viewers see you and your business in a video they are more likely to visit your store, ask questions and ultimately make a purchase.

View our sample Business Videos on Vimeo



Special Event Videos


Feature your special event on The Pennie Tour

Southeast Media Works produces the online travel show, The Pennie Tour.  This online show travels across the Southeast United States highlighting fun events and festivals.  The Pennie Tour is a great way to show off your special event to an online audience.  The Pennie Tour YouTube channel has over a million views and each new episode receives thousands of views.  Invite us to your next event to create a fun and exciting episode of The Pennie Tour.


When your special event is featured on The Pennie Tour, it will be viewed by thousands and potentially millions of people. As of July 2014, The Pennie Tour YouTube channel has over a million views. Each episode of The Pennie Tour received on average 85,000 views. Episodes of The Pennie Tour have featured interviews with musicians and celebrities such as the alt-rock band The Whigs, the queen of rock-a-billy Wanda Jackson, and grammy award winning, bluegrass artist Peter Rowan.

Show the Excitement

Potential customers that will search for events like yours will SEE others enjoying the event and will more likely attend your next event.  When The Pennie Tour attends an event, we interviews patrons, vendors, and the entertainment (musical groups, etc…) to find the most fun and most exciting elements to highlight. Enthusiasm is contagious!



An episode of The Pennie Tour featuring your event will be available online for years on The Pennie Tour Youtube channel as well as being available on your own website and social media. Southeast Media Works will also promote the episode to improve the number of views and help educate attendees of your next event.

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